Decades of KMT (Nationalist Chinese Party) oppression and “White Terror” through rule of secret police, martial law, brain-washing by the chauvinist Chinese educational systems and mass-media monopolized and controlled by KMT made it impossible for the opposition to organize safely and effectively within Taiwan. Consequently, since early 1960’s, increasing numbers of Taiwanese college graduates went abroad to study in the realm of freedom, in Japan, Europe, Canada and USA, and began organizing anti-KMT activities as well as movements for Taiwan independence.
In 1970, the Taiwan independence movement organizations in Japan, Europe, Canada, and USA, joined forces under the name of World United Formosans for Independence. The goal was to consolidate and focus the effort put forth by the Taiwanese communities to demand for justice and to establish an independent and democratic Taiwan.
In January 1990, WUFI declared officially its decision to move the organization back to Taiwan within two years. In reality, couple years before the decision was made, other overt and covert activities were already under way to pave the ground for moving back to Taiwan. So the decision was soon carried out, many key members, including the leaders of each WUFI headquarters around the world, returned to Taiwan by their own ways and means. Since they were all on the “blacklist” of the KMT regime, at the time when they entered Taiwan or after a period of staying underground, some of the leaders were arrested and charged with sedition and illegal entry–some of them were wanted by the KMT regime for sedition charges, but when they applied for entry visa to face the charges, their rights to return to Taiwan were denied.
After moving back to Taiwan, WUFI have joined hands and worked together with the opposition forces in Taiwan in order to carried out the following important and urgent tasks concurrently: to demolish the KMT monopoly of mass media, to internationalize the so-called Taiwan issues, to advocate “one Taiwan, one China” policy, to advocate abolishing the Chinese constitution, to support the democratization process of Taiwan and the movements to Join the United Nations.
WUFI advocates the use of peaceful and non-violent means to achieve its goals. After the establishment of the Republic of Taiwan, all citizens of Taiwan shall be considered equals. Individuals wishing to maintain their “Chinese” citizenship would be given assistance, if they choose to return to China. They may also opt to remain in Taiwan as resident aliens with their rights fully protected.
The Objective

WUFI is dedicated to the establishment of a free, democratic and independent Republic of Taiwan in accordance with the principle of self-determination of peoples. We are committed to the fundamental freedoms and human rights embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and therefore repudiate all forms of foreign dominance and interventions that run counter to the interests of the 21-million Taiwanese people.